Sales Tax

Leave the operation details to us.
Preparing and filing sales and use tax returns is a deadline driven, time sensitive process. Just when you finish one set of returns and think you have some breathing room then it’s time to start the process over again.

You may be registering as a tax payer in new jurisdictions and attempting to understand the new forms and rules associated with each new jurisdiction. Meanwhile, your day to day accounting and tax functions suffer because you are focused on the sales tax debacle.

Why not leverage the expertise of a dedicated sales and use tax resource? With our Return Preparation & Filing Service, we perform the following work:

Data review and validationData review and validation
Return preparation and reviewReturn preparation and review
Return submission (paper, Internet, or EDI)Return submission (paper, Internet, or EDI)
Payment remittance (check or electronic funds transfer)Payment remittance (check or electronic funds transfer)
Notice preventionNotice prevention
GL reconciliationGL reconciliation
Standard and custom reportsStandard and custom reports
Consulting, and support as neededConsulting, and support as needed